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Corporate Responsibility Publication Listing

  • Automotive Water Benchmark

    Product Code: ES-1

    The goals of the survey is to look at current water use, identify leading practices and areas for improvement, and extend these practices to the automotive supply chain as well. The survey identified 135 aspects to benchmark for North American facilities, including metrics, assessments, management processes, and sustainability.

  • Best Practices for Mist Control in Machine Tool Enclosures

    Product Code: OHS-7

    This industry best-practices publication covers mist control for wet machining using CNC machines, transfer lines, and Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) machining processes. The document incorporates collective industry experience to identify cost-effective design guidelines for duct location, the design of the connection type(s) between the enclosures and the duct work, duct shape, and optimum quantity and methods to supply make-up air to enclosures.

  • Environmental Management Systems - Requirements of Use

    Product Code: I14001-15

    ISO 14001:2015 specifies the requirements for an environmental management system that an organization can use to enhance its environmental performance. ISO 14001:2015 is intended for use by an organization seeking to manage its environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner that contributes to the environmental pillar of sustainability.

  • Ergonomic Guidelines for Small Lot Delivery Systems

    Product Code: OHS-5

    This easy-to use guideline provides not only a systematic process for analyzing and evaluating musculoskeletal injury (or disorder) risk factors in Small Lot Delivery Systems (SLDS) but also recommendations for the design of material handling tasks and material handling systems. This guideline contains recommendations, not mandates, which are applicable during material handling system 'design and redesign' activities.

  • Guide for Conflict Minerals Reporting to the Auto Industry

    Product Code: CM-3

    Members of the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) Conflict Minerals Work Group (CMWG) developed this template assessment to unify the expected quality of supplier responses to the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) formerly known as the EICC-GeSI Template. This template assessment is not to be treated as an alternative to legal advice or used in lieu of due diligence requirements under the rule. Instead, OEMs and Tier-N suppliers may utilize this optional tool to set a consistent response to suppliers and augment their own interna...

  • Guideline for Hazardous Material Storage

    Product Code: XO-OHS-1

    The document provides guidelines for plants and depots to efficiently and safely segregate and store hazardous materials. The goal of this document is to protect people, property, the environment, and company assets by minimizing the risk of fires, explosions, and hazardous releases resulting from improper storage. As a result of employees using these guidelines, it is intended that packages containing hazardous materials that might react dangerously with one another will not be stored next to each other or in a position that would allow danger...

  • Guideline for Manually Handled Containers

    Product Code: OHS-4

    Current packaging and containerization are an ergonomic concern and major expense to automotive manufacturers, designers and suppliers. This new guideline will provide a common approach to container design based on sound ergonomic practices and principles accounting for manual tasks, such as pushing/pulling, lifting/lowering and carrying packages and containers. Using this guideline may result in reduced risk of employee injury in the manual handling of packages and containers and increased productivity and quality.

  • Industrial Truck Pedestrian Sensing Systems White Paper

    Product Code: OHS-12

    The white paper addresses the requirements of a device or system, comprised of one or more components, that when installed on an industrial truck, will be capable of warning the industrial truck operator of the presence of pedestrians.

  • Leadership Excellence in Health Safety and the Environment

    Product Code: OHS-10

    Describes what Heath Safety Excellence leadership looks like and to specify a set of principles and actions that executives, managers and supervisors can take to become better HSE leaders.

  • Lift Truck Rotated Operator Compartments:An Ergonomic Review

    Product Code: OHS-8

    Undertaken as part of a continued effort by AIAG's Industrial Truck Group to reduce operator strain as well as pedestrian incidents associated with reverse driving, this study was initiated to evaluate the ergonomic and visibility benefits from the operator's standpoint. This involved the trial/demo of four units with rotated operator's compartments and associated features (controls) based on operator feedback. Operator questionnaires and written comments were the input modes for this study. The resulting White Paper does not attempt to ...

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