Your company may be small, but your impact doesn’t have to be:

AIAG Supply Power

Small companies are the backbone of the economic vitality of the auto industry and the states and countries in which they do business, and are the primary employers, taxpayers and innovators. The impact of the great recession, globalization, growing product complexity and heightened social and environmental compliance expectations have made uncertainty the new norm for many of these suppliers.

SUPPLY POWER: Big Ideas for Small Companies is AIAG’s initiative designed for the sub-tier supply base and a new generation of employees to help manage this uncertainty by providing more pervasive access to information, assessments, education, industry best practices, guidelines and standards they will need to improve quality, lower costs, streamline operations and simplify compliance reporting.

SUPPLY POWER provides your employees access to the OEM approved training needed to upgrade their skillsets in quality, CR and materials management. AIAG can help you manage uncertainty and generate confidence with OEMs and Tier Ones. Our robust line of tools and training expertise, geared specifically towards meeting today’s global automotive industry standards and building business processes, can give your company the edge.

Commit to better business practices today

AIAG is the best resource for building confidence with your customers. By joining, you demonstrate a commitment to their performance expectations and business processes while protecting their image and brand reputations.

Benefit from enhanced employee skills

Employees are your greatest asset, so give them the edge over your competition. AIAG can educate your employees on automotive manufacturing best practices and keep them up-to-date on changing requirements and processes. AIAG can also help screen and train new hires to ensure your business’ success.

Joining AIAG is the most cost effective improvement to performance you will ever make. If your company’s annual sales are $200M or less, the list below is just a sample of what you get with your membership, in multiple languages if needed, and available to every member of your organization.



World Class Quality Knowledge and Tools

  • Assess and benchmark your current capabilities and those of your personnel
  • FREE and unlimited access to Quality Core Tools eDocuments and online training, in numerous languages
  • Member discounts on Sub-Tier Supplier Management Process guideline and training

Global Materials Management

  • FREE Access to Global Materials Management Basics (MMOG/LE)
  • C-TPAT security assessment and database to fast track cross-border shipments
  • FREE Access to industry EDI/Labeling/Packaging standards

Corporate Responsibility

  • FREE Supply Chain Sustainability Knowledge assessment and eLearning
  • FREE Management of Product Chemical Regulatory Compliance online training
  • Standardized industry compliance reporting formats, templates and platforms

Networking Access to Industry Subject Matter Experts

  • Input on business practices of OEM’s and Tier-1’s
  • FREE Listing in AIAG’s Supplier Connect Buyers Guide

Future Automotive Experts

  • Free monthly events providing knowledge recovery and transfer presentation
  • Networking with industry subject matter experts and other future experts

Sponsored Membership

AIAG membership dues are waived for automotive suppliers and will be locked in for five years for those who meet the following criteria:

  • Global annual sales under $20 million
  • Direct Parts Manufacturer

Take the next step for your company’s future.  POWER UP TODAY and Join AIAG!

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