Using Shopping Cart

To purchase items from the AIAG store, simply follow the steps listed below. If you are having difficulty adding items or your cart appears empty after you have added items to it, please consult the troubleshooting tips.

  1. Find an item that interests you. (If you need help, see our Search Tips.)
  2. Click the "add to your products" button on any item's product detail page.
  3. Click the "keep shopping" button if you want to buy more items.
  4. When you've finished adding items to your Shopping Cart, click the View Cart icon found at the top of every page on our store.
  5. Click the "select freight" button to choose your shipping method.
  6. Click the "products total" button to proceed to your total page and view your shipping address information.
  7. If everything is ok, click on the "check-out" button to proceed to the payment screen.
  8. At the payment screen, enter your credit card information and click the "submit payment" button.

If you want to modify your order before you complete the checkout process, here's how:

  • Want to buy multiple quantities of an item in your Shopping Cart? Change the number in the Qty. box and click the Update Qty button at the above the cart. Please note that not all products or online registrations available at the AIAG Secure website can be purchased in multiple quantities.
  • Want to remove an item from your Shopping Cart? Click the Remove button that appears to the right of any item in your cart.

Can I place an order for someone else?

Your orders are related to your AIAG account. You can place an order and have it shipped to another address, but the order will appear in your account. 
There are special instructions for placing e-Document orders for other people. Please see the e-Document FAQ section for more details.

Items Missing from Your Shopping Cart?

Your shopping cart is related to your AIAG account, so logging out of your account can cause items to disappear from your cart. If you logout of the AIAG Secure Web Site prior to completing your purchase, the shopping list is no longer accessible. But if you create a list of items in your shopping cart, then login to your account, that list will be available to you throughout your shopping session. 

If this doesn't solve your problem, it's possible that you are having trouble staying logged into your account. It may be that your Internet connection is causing the difficulty. Each time you visit the AIAG Secure website a session ID is created for you and used throughout your visit. When the Internet connection is broken or your browser software shuts down, your session will end. When you return again to the site, a new session id is granted. 

Can't Add New Items to Your Cart?

If you aren't able to find the "add to your products" link on an item's product detail page, it's possible that your browser is not downloading the image of the "add to your products" button. Click the "Help" link at the top of your browser window (above the browser commands) to learn how to turn automatic image-loading back on. The button should then re-appear.

Placing a Quote!

Follow the steps above to place your quote. At step #7, you will see a checkbox.
Quote Checkbox
Check the checkbox, then click on the "check-out" button. You will not be asked for credit card information. 

NOTE: Placing a Quote is only available for Products. Event, Webcast, or Training registrations are not eligible for this feature.
You will be unable to place a quote for any e-document or downloadable file. Full payment is required for these products.