Troubleshooting Tips

Your business is important to us. If you are receiving an error message or having other difficulties completing your online order, please read through the suggestions below.

Unsure if your order went through? Sometimes an order will be successfully submitted even if you receive an error message on the last step. Please check the list of recent orders in your account to see if your order was placed before attempting to place the order again.

Empty Shopping Cart. If your shopping cart is empty or items are missing from it, it is likely that you are not logged into your account. More information.

Can't add items. If the "Add to your products" link is not appearing on product detail pages. Your browser is not downloading the image of the "add to your products" button. Click the "Help" link at the top of your browser window (above the browser commands) to learn how to turn automatic image-loading back on. The button should then re-appear. 

Error message on payment page. Make sure that you have selected the correct credit card type and expiration date from the drop-down boxes. Verify that the credit card number was entered correctly, without any spaces or dashes.

ZIP code and state do not match. Make sure you have entered the ZIP code without any spaces. To verify that the ZIP code is correct, visit If you are shipping to International address and your address does not contain a zip code, please enter 000.

U.K. or German postal code not accepted. If you are shipping an order to the U.K., be sure to include the space in the postcode. You may also need to enter the fourth or fifth character as a zero (0) rather than a capital letter "O". If you are shipping an order to Germany, leave the "D" out of the postal code. For example, if the code is D-12345, enter just 12345.

Page keeps looping back or is not updating. If you are being looped back to the same page on the order form, or the form is not updating when you make changes, your Web browser may be caching or storing an old copy of the page. You can force your browser to update the page by holding down the Shift key on your keyboard and simultaneously clicking on the "Reload" or "Refresh" button on your browser.

System Error. These errors usually occur for only a short time. Please return to our Web site and try again later.

Other troubleshooting tips. If your problem is not listed above, it's possible that one of these suggestions may help:

  • Refresh the page. If a page loads only halfway or takes a very long time to load, clicking the "Stop" button at the top of your browser and then clicking "Reload" or "Refresh" often solves the problem.
  • Clear your cache. Most Web browsers temporarily store a local copy of every page you visit. Clearing your cache deletes those files and makes room for new ones. Go to the "Cache" or "Temporary Internet Files" option on your browser (on Netscape, go to "Options" and choose "Network Preferences"; if you use Internet Explorer, go to "Tools" and choose "Internet Options"), and delete the files stored in your cache.
  • Try submitting your order via fax. Print the Order Form via the Adobe print button, complete it and fax it to us. We will contact you with your order total, prior to placing your order.

If none of these suggestions solves your problem, please contact us using the link below. Please include as much information in your message as possible, including:

  • What point in the ordering process is causing you trouble?
  • If you are receiving an error message, what does it say?
  • What items are you trying to order?

Our Customer Service department will be happy to assist you. You can always place your order by phone.