• Errata for MSA Third Edition; First Printing (dated March 2002)
    • Page 128: Line 4, "area III" was changed to "area I"; in line 5, "area I' was changed to "area III." MSA3p128.pdf
    • Page 166: At the bottom of Fig. 34a, the sigma-hat-sub-e's were changed to sigma- hat-sub-A to represent the estimated standard deviation of the appraiser effect. MSA3p166.pdf
    • Page 167: At the top of Fig. 34b, the sigma-hat-squared-sub-0 was changed to sigma-hat-squared-sub-A to represent the estimated variance of the appraiser effect. MSA3p167.pdf
    • Page 175: Footnote 76, reference to page iv changed to page vi.
    • Page 188: Footnote 81, reference to page iv changed to page vi.
    • Page 205: Glossary, first definition, reference to page iv changed to page vi.
  • MSA Third Edition Errata (dated August 13, 2002)
    • Page 131: 64% and 89% values were reversed relative to 95% UCI and
      95% LCI in lower table. MSA3p131.pdf
    • Page 132: values shown under Miss Rate and False Alarm Rate
      corrected.  Two paragraphs following this table were modified.
    • Page 133: Cp=1.00 replaced by Pp=Ppk=1.00. MSA3p133.pdf
    • Page 166: (this is a second correction to this page) d2 value changed to
      1.128 from 1.126. MSA3p166_2.pdf
  • New MSA Third Edition Errata (dated October 28, 2002)
    • Page 125: Introduction, first paragraph, fourth sentence: changed ...
      "seven distinct categories" to ..."five to seven classifications, such as ..."
    • Page 134: %GRR = 24% changed to % GRR = 29% .
    • Page 197: In the last paragraph the wording changed from "divide into" to "divide by".
  • New MSA Third Edition Errata (dated January 30, 2003)
    • Page 20: Last paragraph, 1.20 changed to 1.28, two places. MSA3p20.pdf
    • Page 112: First paragraph, reference to line 20 dropped;
      reference to lower control limits dropped in line 2; MSA3p112.pdf
      "NOTE:" added to precede final sentence of first paragraph.
    • Page 115: Line 5, "part-to-part variation" changed to "part variation".
      Last line of page, "R&R" changed to "GRR". MSA3p115.pdf
    • Page 118: Line 3, following "Conducting the Study" header: "twice" changed to
      "three times" to correct inconsistency between this text and the example provided. MSA3p118.pdf
    • Page 132: Paragraph following second table changed to emphasize that
      each attribute measurement system may require its own set of guidelines for acceptability. MSA3p132.pdf
    • Page 136: center of page, "bias = Lower Limit" changed to
      "bias = Lower Specification Limit" to eliminate any possible confusion between specification limit or control limit. MSA3p136.pdf
    • Page 138: Third paragraph from bottom, "Chapter 5, Figure 41", changed to "Chapter V, Section C". MSA3p138.pdf
    • Page 162: Under Worksheet Example, #4, changed to ; reference to Figure 34 changed to Figure 34a; changed to . MSA3p162.pdf
    • Page 163: #10), "appraiser 1" changed to "appraiser A"; "appraiser 2" changed to "appraiser B" to maintain consistency with other appraiser references; "Figure 34" changed to "Figure 34b". MSA3p163.pdf
    • Page 171: Note added to end of section to eliminate any possible confusion between specification limit and control limit. MSA3p171.pdf
    • Page 189: brackets added or deleted from formulas in top half of page. MSA3p189.pdf
    • Page 190: Table 19a, F values changed from 34.44 to 79.41, and 213.52 to 492.29 in order to maintain consistency with the random effects model (footnote 79, page 187). MSA3p190.pdf
  • New MSA Third Edition, Second Printing Eratta (dated May 21, 2004)
    • Page 113: hidden decimal places in the Average column are now visible; minus sign in Part I Column, row 14 is now in proper position; Average column, row 16, .0014 now lined up properly with x-double-bar. MSA3p113.pdf