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Global MMOG/LE Implementation eLearning (Based on Version 3)

Learn how to complete the MMOG/LE assessment tool, identify gaps and prepare action plans enabling you to implement a world-class supply chain management system within your organization.

With knowledge checks throughout this self-paced, online course and a post assessment examination, this MMOG/LE e-learning course is delivered through five modules.

Please note: It is strongly recommended that Managers and MMOG/LE Assessors take the MMOG/LE Implementation - Level 1 classroom training, which includes more comprehensive, instructor-led examples on how to compile objective evidence and evaluate criteria for compliance.

MMOG/LE Tool Highlights:

Assessment: Contains 206 criteria questions that guide the assessment of the supply chain processes against industry best practices. Each criterion includes an explanation of its importance and benefits. The assessment generates a score and classification that can be used to benchmark the organization's results.

Gap Analysis: Supports the development and management of action plans. User-friendly functions include the filtering options, data validation, and color coding to highlight areas that require attention. Corresponding comments from the assessment are displayed on the gap analysis for each criterion.

Radar Charts: Displays the overall scores attained for each chapter along with the total score and resulting classification.

Progression Chart: Provides a graphical representation of the scoring progress for attaining level "A" classification based on the action plan target dates entered in the gap analysis.
Note: To receive a certificate of completion, you must complete all modules of the e-learning course and score 80 percent or higher on the post training quiz.

If you do not have a copy, click here to purchase the Global MMOG/LE (M-7).

Estimated time to complete: 4 hours

Please Note: You will have access to the eLearning module for 60 days after your registration date.


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Course Outline

    • Introduction and general overview of MMOG/LE
    • How to navigate and complete the MMOG/LE assessment tool
    • How to implement the MMOG/LE Assessment within your organization
    • How to achieve and implement a world-class supply chain management system

    Upon course completion, you will be able to:

    • Understand the benefits of MMOG/LE the assessment process
    • Identify the roles and responsibilities within the assessment process
    • Explain each section of the MMOG/LE
    • Perform a self-assessment on your operations
    • Perform a gap analysis
    • Understand how to achieve and maintain Level A

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