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The General Motors MMOG/LE Supplier Requirements

In 2010, GM adopted the MMOG/LE Supplier Self-Assessment process as a tool to identify and mitigate supply chain risks and improve the GM/Supplier relationship. Suppliers often ask what GM is expecting from the implementation of MMOG/LE and what does it take to be considered MMOG/LE Compliant. TeamGM has planned several communications to clarify those expectations. Content is most beneficial to GM Suppliers; however, all Suppliers are welcome to attend. Sessions typically are the following day after the MMOG/LE Level 1 classes.

Topics to be included:

  • GM's Application of the MMOG/LE tool
  • Benefits to Suppliers and GM
  • Conducting an Assessment
  • Risk-Based Selection Strategy
  • Key Criteria Review
  • Selected GM/Supplier Process Overviews
  • FAQ's

The North American MMOG/LE Team will be available to answer your questions. There is no fee to attend, simply register on-line or call (248) 358-3003.

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