Globally Harmonized System

The United Nations is working to globally harmonize chemical safety information and thus reduce the confusion that is caused by information which differs depending on global region. Companies that have chemicals anywhere in their supply chain will need to adapt to the best practices that have been established as part of this initiative, known as the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). Companies that get their teams trained and up to speed on these GHS changes by the end of 2013 will avoid supply chain risk and interruptions that may come from noncompliance and/or misinterpretation.

Our GHS Working Group is educating and informing AIAG members about these changes in an effort to develop solutions that will reduce confusion, cost, and business interruptions in the U.S. automotive industry supply chain. The group will serve as a central entity for information, a common educational program, and a unified voice to ensure the needs of the industry are met by legislators. By making information and educational tools available to all actors in the supply chain, our efforts will help increase awareness of the responsibilities each company has and ensure that systems are put in place to meet these responsibilities.

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Program Manager: Tanya Bolden - AIAG (248) 213-4646

Program Manager: Lecedra Welch - AIAG (248) 784-1856

Co-Chair: Ms. Debra Reining - Luvata Ohio

Co-Chair: Mr. Gary Ansorge - Lear Corporation

The following communities are available for this initiative:


DENSO International America, Inc.
Excelda Manufacturing Company
Freudenberg-NOK General Partnership
General Motors Company
Ideal Clamp Products
Lear Corporation
Luvata Ohio
The McDonald Consulting Group
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.
Westport Innovations